After having applied the fiber protection on the fabric, the maintenance of the fabric is as follows.


Regular vacuuming is usually sufficient.


However, if a spill or stain is found on the fabric (eg carpet or upholstery), use the following techniques for removing the stains:


Wet spill stain

Simply blot up with a dry absorbent paper towel.


Dried spill stain

Simply use a microfiber cloth wetted with plenty of warm water, not hot water, then blot up with a dry absorbent paper towel.

In most cases, no chemicals or shampoo is needed or to be used during regular maintenance. If there are any problems, use a pH neutral cleaning agent. After having used a pH neutral cleaning agent, make sure to remove all the cleaning agent from the fabric to get a better long term result.


For more detailed information, please feel free to look at our official Mainenance and Spot Removal document.

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