• Increase product life cycle
  • Maintain original look and feel
  • Preserve colours and texture
  • UV protection

Cost Savings


Fiber ProTector reduces maintenance cost:

  • Increase the durability and lifecycle of the fabric
  • Help maintain the original look and intensity of the colors of the fabric
  • Provide easy stain removal
  • Reduce intervals of deep cleaning
  • Minimize the use of chemicals
  • Help achieve considerable savings in cleaning and refurbishment



Reduce down time on revenue areas:

  • Reduce frequency of deep clean
  • Reduce renovation frequency
  • Daily vacuuming is usually sufficient
  • A dry cloth/paper or warm water is the only requirement to remove stains



SPA contributes to a better indoor environment. By creating a molecular shield around every fiber it ensures the following:

  • Non hazardous (no CFC/PFOS/PFOA)
  • Little or no chemicals needed (maintenance)
  • Inert material without active chemicals or properties
  • Increases durability and product life cycle (up to 100%)
  • Decreases the friction between the fibers, which results in a reduction in fluctuation of dust and fabric fibers
  • Prevents the spreading of bacterial growth, fungus and mold, thus improving the indoor air quality

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