Case Studies

Case Studies


Here you will find information about jobs completed by Surface Protector Asia. Information will be regarding who, what, where,

and how these jobs were completed.

Private Jet co.


Fabric protection successfully performed on a Bombardier Global 5000 private jet.


Apart from two stains that we were unable to remove before the protection process, the carpet did liven up as a result of the complete fiber protection and spills can now be removed without staining. The carpet was successfully re-installed into the Bombardier Global 5000 and the owners were very happy with the result.




Fabric protection successfully performed for Aesop at ION and Aesop at Raffles City.


Surface Protector Asia has successfully applied Fiber Protection on sisal carpets at two Aesop outlets. This is helping Aesop reduce their deep cleaning costs, and maintaining their high end reputation in line with the look and feel of their shops.


Resorts World Sentosa


Surface Protector Asia is the official vendor for Resorts World Sentosa.


Resorts World Sentosa is made up of several hotels with the need of quality protection of fabrics, satisfied by Surface Protector Asia. With Surface Protector Asia's quality fiber protection, Resorts World Sentos will reduce their maintenance costs and time cleaning their fabrics.


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