Aesop Case Study


An Australian brand of skin, hair, and body care products

Project Manager:

Jon Stian Loken


Performance date:

28th Nov. 2015 @ Raffles City

3rd April 2016 @ ION Orchard


Contact person:



Raffles City & ION Orchard

The Challenge


Aesop have opened two outlets in Singapore, both outlets with sisal carpets. Sisal carpets are quite troublesome when it comes to protection of the material and cleaning. The idea was to protect the carpets before they get stained.

The Solution


After Jon Stian Loken met up with Snohetta (the Interior Design company for Aesop projects in Singaore), a deal was made for Surface Protector Asia to protect Aesop's sisal carpets. At these two jobs, masking tape was used to protect the walls and furniture, and the sisal carpets were vacuumed, prior to the application of Fiber Protector. A Solvent Based product was used and no extraction was needed, as the carpets were new and clean.


The Sisal carpets do not need to be reapplied with the fiber protection for another 2 to 3 years depending on the traffic.

The Result


Once the fiber protection on the sisal carpets had cured, water tests were performed to ensure that the fabric was protected properly. A second water test was performed five months after the application. Both tests came out with a positive result.

Project Details

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