About Us

Our Vision

To preserve and protect our customer's assets.


Our Mission

Create value for our customers by preserving and protecting their assets at minimal disruption to business continuity and cost, in a sustainable way. To stay committed to our principles of providing professional and reliable services.


About Us

Surface Protector Asia Pte Ltd (SPA) is a Singapore based company, using a technically advanced and effective fiber protection system. Our product, Fiber ProTector, is most commonly used on carpets and upholstery (new and used) in high traffic areas, such as hotels, cinemas, airports and aircrafts, cruise ships, offices, and other public places, with the following beneficial effects:


  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Maintain the appearance of the fabrics
  • Extend the lifetime expectancy of the fabrics
  • Easy to remove stains
  • No need for chemicals or shampoo after protection
  • Protects against organic matter, dust, bacteria, fungus and mold
  • Improves the indoor air quality
  • Provides UV protection

Our Team

Jon Stian Loken

Has more than 15 years of experience in successfully developing business both in Europe and Asia.


Contact information:

Tel: +65 8201 4800

Email: jsl@surfaceprotectorasia.com

Christina Jensen

Danish entrepreneur with 6 years of experience building up her own companies prior to becoming Founder and Director of Surface Protector Asia.


Contact information:

Tel: +65 8189 6096

Email: cjk@surfaceprotectorasia.com

Marcus Krogh

Helped start Surface Protector Asia whilst studying at BI Norwegian Business School and is now the Business Development Director.


Contact information:

Tel: +65 8189 6099

Email: mmk@surfaceprotectorasia.com

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